Join the new food economy

You can take part in the growing new food economy right now.
It’s profitable. It’s humane. It’s easy. And it’s designed for people who want to take control over their lives.

It’s not about bugs. It’s about a powerful new source of nutrition.
It can be a basic ingredient for the chef’s imagination. It’s healthy for the body. And it’s healthy for our world.

We’ve built this on a foundation of four pillars of strength—principles to ensure prosperity, growth and benefit for all.

Reduced footprint: on a city rooftop or an unused patch of your property, the new farming doesn’t require land clearance. It consumes a fraction of the water and feed required for beef, pork or chicken. You can use food waste as feed. And the excretion can go back to the land as fertilizer. It's a virtuous cycle of high productivity and reduced waste.

Organic: unlike conventional organic foods, there’s no price premium for eliminating hormones, antibiotics and other adulterants. The new farming doesn’t need them and doesn’t use them. And every bit of the organism is used—there’s no waste.

Ethical: we share the human responsibility to manage a world that supports healthy life—for our economy, our society and for all the living beings we share this earth with. Respect and care create a strong foundation of enduring prosperity.

Decentralized: anyone can start a farm. There are no mono-culture mega-farms. There’s no concentration of corporate control over prices or policy. You can be part of a network of independent producers—individuals taking control of their economic lives.

Kubo Dzamba, Founder of Qubo Ltd.

Just connect power and water, and you can be farming right now. The Chirpbox is a full turnkey cricket breeding unit that makes the new food economy easy and profitable. It comes in 20 or 40 foot containers delivered to you ready to go. Or adapt an existing space with Chirpbox components. 
The Chirpbox can be installed on a city rooftop or a plot of unused land. You'll have your first harvest in just weeks and you can produce crickets all year round. Feed is inexpensive; crickets love food scraps. The Chirpbox is an economic asset for you and a powerful source of nutrition for our world at vastly reduced environmental cost. 
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