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An all-year cash crop. High yield. Low labour. In an easy turnkey solution. 
Welcome to the new humane economy of agriculture.

The Chirpbox™ is a fully self-contained cricket farm that gives you optimal conditions through every step in the life cycle from hatchery to harvest. It has been designed by people who love crickets with humane conditions as a top priority. 

Hook it up, turn it on and start farming crickets
The entire farm is arranged within a 20 or 40 foot shipping container
allowing the unit to be used as a standalone or as a modular component in a multiple unit configuration.

The unit comprises an incubation chamber, a growout chamber, an onboard freezer for storing feed and frass (waste by-product
that can sold separately as a plant nutrient. Installation of the unit is easy—just connect to electricity and water. And you can have in-floor heating for all-year harvests in northerly climates. 

The business case
No land clearance. No need expensive equipment. Your first harvest in just weeks, and not subject to weather or drought. High return for negligible risk: a 40' Chirpbox™ can produce approximately 600lbs a month. There are two primary markets for crickets: as pet food  and for human consumption. Currently, most production goes to pet food,
but public acceptance of protein-rich edible crickets is growing rapidly.


Of course, the yield of your unit will depend on your commitment, but on average, a 60' Chirpbox™ delivers about $50K in net profit. The modular design allows for easy addition of units. So you can scale up growth easily with little need for more space. 

Getting started
The unit is shipped direct to you, anywhere a shipping container can go. A one-on-one training session will give you all the practical knowledge you will need to start farming. Technical support is part of the package. But the Chirpbox™ is designed for ease of use. Within a couple weeks, you'll have a smoothly running farm. And we're always there anytime you need us.

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The Chirpbox is delivered to you in a 20' or 40' shipping container. All of the fixtures are built in. All you need is access to water and electricity. Optional in-floor heating maintains optimal breeding conditions even in northern climates.