Supporting your success

With your Chirpbox, you'll be an early leader in a new agriculture. But techniques for insect farming are not common knowledge. Our support package will give you the expertise you need to be up and running with a successful farm. 

Your Chirpbox has been designed to be the most efficient insect breeding environment available today. We have studied cricket behaviour in our labs for thousands of generations to refine breeding methods for optimal productivity and humane treatment. That knowledge is built into the design of your Chirpbox.


To ensure that you are up and running quickly and can adjust your output to your specific requirements, the Chirpbox Support Program will let us stand by you with expert knowledge.

Defining your breeding strategy
The Chirpbox is a flexible production farm - meaning that it can
produce crickets for animal feed and/or human consumption, the two primary markets. By modifying the farming schedule and methods the Chirpbox can be geared toward optimal production by weight (ideal for human food sales) or size variety (ideal for pet feed sales.)

Your Chirpbox can be geared to continuous production, such as weekly harvests, or surge production, such as bi-weekly or monthly harvests, depending on demand in your market. Also, production strategies can be geared to match your available time and effort. 

Our first task is to work with you to understand your unique objectives and develop a basic task schedule. Our first priority is to provide you with the specific set of tools that will get you started running a successful operation that meets your individual needs.

Support services
Your Chirpbox comes with an extensive user’s manual and online access to video training tutorials for the main breeding activities.


If you are new to insect farming, we'd recommend subscribing to our Cricket Club Program, which gives you direct access to our technical support and business advisory services. It's a sound investment for rapidly reaching production potential and to protect against risks of crop failures.


Price for full Cricket Club support is $5,000 for 6 months, and $500 per month thereafter if you want continuing support. 


Online support: unlimited and prompt support from our advisory team


20 hours phone access to our help desk for troubleshooting technical issues


4.5 hours consultation on siting considerations (electric, water, etc)


Free and unlimited access to our online interactive knowledge base


Early access to technology and equipment upgrades


25% discount on our resources and advisory guidebooks


Membership in an active network of insect farmers and industry leaders