Building the Chirpbox

The Chirpbox is a high-precision construction built with craft and care. 
It's home to small creatures who can't be allowed to escape from their breeding zones,
so components must be carefully fit to small tolerances. It has to be designed for optimal yield
while maintaining humane conditions. The Chirpbox is designed by architects and made by hand. 


Prototyping: the Chirpbox components are continually upgraded for durability, yield efficiency and ease of use with new materials and design. 


Shop construction: components are hand-built in the Qubo shop. George is assembling a breeding pen. 

kubo shelves.JPG

Fitting out: Kubo is installing the breeding units that have been assembled in the shop. 


Container conversion: a 20' shipping container arrives to be converted into a new Chirpbox. 

sink area.JPG

The prep room: this is the area for daily maintenance. Each Chirpbox is a self-contained environment, equipped with electricals and plumbing for light, water and climate control.  

CB interior.JPG

Interior construction: a doorway allows the breeding area at rear to be sealed off from the prep room in front. 

A hello from some of the Qubo team: Tiffany, Kubo and George after a hard day's work in the Chirpbox yard.