Essential data for your knowledge to grow

Real-time monitoring of all the critical variables for a

healthy breeding environment. Optimize your output.
Troubleshoot issues before they become a problem.
Up-do-date market data. Automate simple tasks.

Rich, timely data for the knowledge you need!


Look inside today’s microfarm and you’ll see a complex and dynamic mini-ecology. Just like the macro world we inhabit, multiple variables are in constant interplay to create a healthy breeding environment—population density, mobility, climate control, skill of farming staff and your production schedule. When any of these variables stray out of balance, the population can go into decline. 


The traditional farmer standing in his field carefully observed change in the weather, moisture in the soil, the rotation of the seasons. Those were his data, and he adjusted his methods to the conditions. Microfarmers live in a different world with different tools, but careful measurement of the critical variables is still at the heart of the grower’s skill. 

How to use data for healthy growing environment

You can learn to be a successful microfarmer the way we did—through years of trial and error, learning from mistakes. Or you leapfrog over the slow learning curve and start operating now at optimal output. You can do that by integrating a knowledge base into your workflow. 


We’re a young industry; we want to see it resilient to risk and fully productive now. That benefits everybody. We have created Entometrics™ to help the grower avoid start-up risks and reach financial sustainability now. The principle is simple. It’s a feedback loop: establish the benchmark performance for your success variables, continuously measure them and make rapid corrections if they go off course. Your breeding environment becomes a dynamic adaptive system. 

All you need is Internet access. We supply you with a simple suite of measurement devices that monitor critical variables in your breeding enclosure. That data feeds back to a central database. You can access your data night or day in real time. That lets you anticipate problems before they arise, and the system will give you simple, step-by-step instructions on how to remedy the issue. You have a powerful troubleshooting facility right at your fingertips. It’s like having an expert at your side ready to answer your questions. 

How Entometrics™ helps you to plan

Real time monitoring lets you track your performance in the here and now. But there is a another and very important application of your data—forward planning. Through analyzing your data, you will be able to predict with accuracy the critical points in the reproduction cycle—when to replenish your egg stock, when to migrate your populations to the breeding zones, when you can expect your harvests. This timeline translates into financial efficiency for your operation. Buy in your feed and your eggs at the right volumes and the right time. Project your revenues in advance. Give your buyers a heads up for when to expect your deliveries. It all helps you control cash flow and keep a smooth flow in your business. You’ll find that your data will let you automate menial tasks, like creating a daily task list for your farm hands and forecasting your yields. 


Strength and security in numbers

We give you our full assurance: your identity, your personal information and the data specific to your operation is never, ever shared. We do publish aggregate data, that is, data that is pooled from all of our contributors. This is important to understand. Aggregated data never identifies you; it does give all members an invaluable snapshot of the industry. You will be able to measure your own performance against industry averages. You will be able to see output levels across the industry—producers will always want to ensure that supply matches market demand. We know that demand for food-grade crickets is going to increase; we expect exponential growth in this market, but no one can predict the shape of the demand curve. The proportion of pet-grade against food-grade is going to be a critical indicator for many growers. And our industry data will always monitor for breakouts—risk factors like viruses, or opportunity factors like new breeding technologies or market opportunities. 

This aggregate data to which you contribute, gives you a full picture of your industry in hard facts and figures. As a leader in a young and growing industry, knowledge is the foundation for planning your future.

The Entometrics™ community

We’re an industry in start-up mode. Those of us who take an active role now will see their eggs hatch nicely as the industry grows. We want to see that growth accelerated and reduce the risks for new growers. Reliable, measured and quantified knowledge is one of the grower’s prime assets for creating a sound economic base. All Entometrics™ users’ data is kept to the same standards. That lets us accurately count available livestock, and ensure consistent quality, to pool output from a number of growers to go after lucrative, high-volume contracts. 


You can subscribe to the Entometrics™ service. A nominal fee will cover the equipment cost of your sensor devices. A low annual subscription fee covers our costs of administration and database maintenance. That’s it. All you need on your end is Internet access. 


In return, you will have real-time access to the data for all your key performance variables. You'll be able to track them along a timeline. And you'll be able to see at a glance the state of the industry through aggregated data and analysis. 

The technology actually enhances the human touch. Got a problem you just can’t crack? At Qubo, we can bring up your data, diagnose your issue and propose expert solutions—no high-tech knowledge required at all on your end. 

And as a subscriber, you will have the option to be listed as an accredited Entometrics™ member of the Qo-op network to share knowledge, interests or just make social contact with other growers motivated with the same vision. 

Entometrics™ is getting ready to launch. If you're interested in becoming part of our beta community, just click here.