Boost your plant yield and protect your crop! Introducing Qubo Frass. Natural frass from humanely-raised crickets. 

Now available in convenient 1kg packages for home use or in bulk for larger operations.

Frass is a natural growth stimulant and pesticide that boosts your plants immune system and gives you greater crop yields. Its extraordinary potential has made it the subject of intensive research. And here some of the findings: 

It stimulates growth by improving the fitness of the growing environment. 

It has powerful antimicrobial properties that protect it from bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. 

It has insecticidal properties that combat invaders like nematodes. 

It controls and eliminates root rot

It works well with mycorrhizal additives to enrich the root environment. 

It is the alternative to chemical pesticides. It is 100% natural with no know risks to humans, pets or the environment. 

Qubo Frass™ is 100% pure, pre-sifted cricket frass, inspected for purity. It's produced by Qubo Ltd, the world's foremost cricket technology company. So you can be sure of its quality. 

You can apply Qubo Frass™ in the best way to enhance your crop, as frass tea, as top dressing, as substrate or in hydroponic installations. 

Qubo Frass™ is available in 1kg packages or in bulk for larger operations. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding larger quantities or special requirements. 

1kg bagged Qubo Frass™ for the home gardener or grower

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