Working together for greater impact—introducing Qo-op

It's a simple law of physics: to create momentum, you need mass. When we join forces,
we create the mass that drives the momentum of change. We're proud to be part of a new network
dedicated to the growth and positive impact of the new agriculture. 

Qo-op™ is an informal co-operative association that joins growers, resellers and suppliers in mutual benefit. It sets consistent standards of quality and purity as assurance to buyers and consumers. It pledges ethical best practice in humane treatment and environmental protection. And it is a commitment to good business conduct. 

In return for participation, members have preferential access across the network. Growers are connected to more buyers. They can aggregate supply to meet changing market demand. Buyers can broadcast their requirements across the network, allowing growers to adjust their output. Suppliers of everything from financial services to equipment now have direct connection to a ready marketplace, while growers have new purchasing power by pooling their buying. It's win-win for everyone involved. 

In the bigger picture, Qo-op™ is a grassroots organization that consolidates the interests of a wide diversity of individual businesses to protect against any big players who could dictate prices and terms to create an unfair trading environment. Qo-op™ members are actively innovating a new model of agriculture that benefits themselves and our world. 

There are three categories of members, each with an insignia that states their commitment to the code of conduct of the network:


This includes producers of insects, algae and sea vegetables, fungi and other microfarming crops. Cannabis producers and other macro farmers looking to align with a new ethical and sustainable model can also participate. There is a natural cycle that connects different kinds of growers; frass and other byproducts of microfarming provide plant nutrient for macro growers, while much waste and scraps from macro farming can be cycled back into feedstock for micro livestock. 


The entry point to the market for most growers, resellers are critical to the economic strength of the industry. Many new growers, especially of specialty products, don't know how to reach buyers, standards that are expected or the nuance of pricing. Qo-op™ becomes a vital source of go-to-market knowledge for growers, and on the other side of the coin, resellers now have a vastly broadened source of supply with assured quality standards. 


There is a whole infrastructure of ancillary products and services that support the new agriculture. It's an essential component of the economic engine that is powering up this new industry. The Qo-op™ insignia is a promise that the supplier stands by good business practice and understands the needs of a new kind of grower. For the grower, Qo-op™ provides a catalogue of trustworthy suppliers; for the supplier, Qo-op™ gives access to serious and knowledgeable potential customers. 

If you're interested in participating, just click here

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